Aromatherapy and its Natural Skin Care

On a rainy, unseasonably cold weekend I decided to relax, unwind and diffuse my Aromatherapy Blend De-Stress Essential Oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. The fact is that essential oils are not only therapeutic, when added to your skin it creates a wonderful treatment and a profound effect on your skin. 
The effectiveness of essential oils is due to the fact that they are the most nutrient rich substances found on our planet, as well as the best for transporting life supporting nutrition and oxygen directly into the cells. 
Essential oils contain traces of nutrients, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, oxygen and antioxidants. The most common benefits of essential oils include anti-aging properties, rejuvenation, regeneration, balancing and calming. They have been found to influence the emotions because as they are inhaled through the nose, the aroma travels to a part of the brain that controls memories and emotions.

How wonderful to know that the benefits of essential oils are responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness.

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