Breaking Bad Skin Habits

There was a great article I read from December issue of Allure Magazine “Bad Habits, Busted” on several pitfalls to avoid when it comes to breaking old skin habits. Here are a list of some leading dermatologists on what are the solutions to better skin habits:

*Skip the Morning Lather
If you have dry skin, scrubbing your face with soap or cleaner can make matters worse.
Doctors advice: Rinse with just water in the morning instead, and wash you face with a cleanser at night. “Water is enough to clean your skin, and you’ll retain more of the moisturizing oils”.

*Cool Down your Workout
High temperatures in fitness classes such at Bikram yoga or spinning may result to hyper-pigmentation, especially in areas list the face
Doctors’ advice: If you are prone to brown patches, consider alternative yoga classes and avoid going to a sauna.

*Change your Bed Linens
If you suffer from acne, your pillowcases may be the cause. “They collect skin oil, and dead skin cells.
Doctor’s advice: Change your pillowcases at least once a week.

*Don’t Skimp on Sleep
Chronic lack of sleep triggers a chain reaction that reduces collagen production, cell turnover and barrier repair. Your skin looks duller and drier, and wrinkles will form more easily.
Doctor’s advice:  A warm shower or bath raises the body’s temperature. Stay under the warm water for ten minutes. Since hear can dry out the skin make sure to moisturize before you go to sleep.

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